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Sony Xperia L3 review 2019

Sony Xperia L3 review, There are some devices in the MWC which are Headline Grabbers, doing great things and drawing attention. Then there are low-level equipment, using the old technique, a lower price point is killed, which many people will probably buy instead. This is where Sony Xperia L3 fits in.  Sony Xperia L3 Review […]

LG K40 review 2019

LG K40 review,  LG G8, LG G8S and LG V50 will have all the headlines in the MWC 2019, but the company has many other phones, including its new mid-range collections. Among those mid-rangers is the cheapest LG K40, which is a follow-up of the LG K30 for 2018. LG‘s new handset is set to […]