4 Best Websites for URL Shortening

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This tune about – 5 best websites for url shortening.

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     4 Best Websites for URL Shortening


The Adf.ly location of the adf.ly URL shorthand service, which is being paid by the company faithfully throughout the world, is among them the first. Adf.ly is currently operating in different countries of the world including Bangladesh. For every 8 thousand view, Adf.ly offers 8 dollars as payment.


 Linkshrink is the second trusted website to link URL ShortShrink But this website does not make flat payments like Adf.ly. They have different rates for different countries. For America, where they pay 4 dollars for every 1,000 views, their rate for Bangladesh is only 0.85 dollars. But there is no reason to worry. Because this website has a referral program and you can get 15% of your referral income.


 BC.VC URL is a very good quality network to earn by shortening the URL. It advertises in these two categories of CPM and Top Banner Ad. In the case of CPM, they pay $ 5 in the US and $ 255 in our country. Although it will not give you any payment for its top banner. The site has 20% referral commission system. Please sign up to BC.VC here. Like Adfoc.us URL Shortening Service, Adfoc.us does not have too much payment. For every 1000 views in our country, they pay 0.60 dollars. With 20% referral commission.


Although OUO.IO is a little behind in terms of popularity, its position is much better than the payment rate. They pay 1.5 dollars for every 1000 views of our country.

 These 4 sites offer best and payment for Shoreting Url.
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Updated: August 1, 2019 — 4:29 am


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