Great 5 tips for super fasting on your phone

Now almost everywhere you look around, you can see the ‘Android operating system’ smartphones. It does not happen that other operating systems do not use smartphones, but more than Android phones.

 However, there is a common problem with Android Mobile, it becomes slightly slow over time.
 So, today I will share some tips that will not be complete with the help of your Android Mobile fastest possible.

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1. Make your Android Mobile “Factory Reset” (Not Restart).

We all know that “Reset” means to “renew”.
And in the case of android mobile, the “Reset” option works just like that.

You must remember that when you bought new android mobile from the market, then your android mobile was fast, so?
However, due to the use of different types of files android mobile, due to which the android mobile has gradually become slow.
Now if you do “Factory Reset” to your android mobile, then all the files from your android mobile will be deleted.

(All the files say, the files that you have used as a result of the use.)
All files will be deleted, like the first day.
That means you will be fast as fast as you were buying from the market.

As a result of “Factory Reset”, since your system file is not being deleted, you can get “Factory Reset” after the fast speed android mobile.

WARNING: “Factory Reset” means that the necessary contacts in your phone’s memory (not saved in SIM), SMS, calendar entries, memos, and the apps you use will be deleted.

So keep backing up everything you need before “Factory Reset”.
Then backed up,
Make your Android Mobile “Factory Reset”

2. Uninstall unnecessary apps.

We are often seen walking in the “Play Store”, installing a lot of apps. Even when I have a free time, I myself started playing with the game installs. But later, due to lack of time, the game is not played.

I think, you and many such apps install, but after some time they do not use those apps. These unnecessary apps should be uninstalled.

By doing this, your phone’s RAM will be free, and your phone’s RAM will be more free, your Android Mobile will be faster.

Uninstall all the unnecessary apps.

3. Check your phone memory, and transfer it to memory card.

The lesser the phone memory of the Android Mobile, the more your Android Mobile will be less. So you have to smile at your phone memory, apps, media files (audio, video) and all the memory transfer to the memory card.

Your Android Mobile will be faster than ever before when everything in the phone memory is transferred to the memory card.

4. Restart your Android Mobile.

If we put any problem in Computer, Computer “Restart”. If “Computer” is restarted, then in some cases the problem is solved somewhat.

Your Android Mobile also has the same thing. Because, these tricks are a temporary option. Still it works.

So, “Restart” your Android Mobile.

5. Use the required application:

You can install some useful applications from the Google Play Store like Task Killer.

● For older smart mobile , use the  Auto Task Killer application. It will help you to free smart phone RAM by clearing the application process of your specified time at the ‘n’ time, and normally, having more RAM free means that smart phones will be faster operated.

● Use a good quality antivirus application. Like a computer, Android Mobile is also infected with various viruses and malware, and a good antivirus detects these viruses and malware and then deletes your Android Mobile somewhat faster.

● “Start up manager”

 You can use some apps like this.
This app allows you to schedule your Android Mobile boot or restart that will allow any apps to be active and inactive.

● “Juice Defender”

Apps of this type will be able to support your Android Mobile and your Android Mobile batteries by not having other apps open automatically in the background.

● “Cache Cleaner”

 The app will speed up Android Mobile by deleting the various cache files stored in Android Mobile’s memory.

Updated: August 1, 2019 — 4:29 am

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