Banglalink SIM 10GB free (only for those who did not have it before)

Assalamu Alaikum, hopefully everyone is well. I am very good in God’s grace. I will share with you today. Only those who did not have to take 10gb for free just for their banglalink SIM, let’s start by saying no.

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Banglalink SIM 10GB free 

First of all, let’s say what it takes

1. 3G or 4G SIM will be any SIM, but it is better if 4G.
2. 4G Phone The system was much easier to pick up anybody’s phone if needed.
3. The new Banglalink subscriber will also get the offer because it was not possible to take the new SIM earlier.
If you have 3G SIM then it will be converted to 4G. To convert, SIM will be activated by dialing it on 4G phone

* 5000 * 8 * 1 # will be notified in the return SMS or converted to 4G. After converting to 4G, dial 10Gb for 4G phone * 5000 * 456 #
Then you will be informed about the return SMS.
Ajayara did not make the post bigger by writing anything. Everyone will be fine.

Updated: August 1, 2019 — 4:30 am

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